Centres in the School

The School of Government is one of the leading UK and international centres for politics, international relations, international development, sociology, and European studies. The School brings together academic staff, research staff and doctoral students across a number of discrete disciplinary fields within the Social Sciences.

Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (CREES)
The Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (CREES) is one of the world's leading research institutes in its field. CREES is a multi-disciplinary centre drawing together expertise from the College of Social Sciences, College of Arts and Law and the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS)
The Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS) adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to global security challenges to create innovative research, education, and training in conflict and cooperation in world politics.

Institute for German Studies (IGS)
Our research is cross-disciplinary and encompasses the culture, history, politics and economics of Germany in its European context. Our mission is to be a centre for expertise on contemporary Germany, and to support postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, bringing them together with experienced scholars and exciting international thinkers on Germany and Europe.

The Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) (2013-2017)
A prestigious international research initiative, the Developmental Leadership Program, has made its home at IDD with funding in place to continue its work for the next three years.

GSDRC: policy-oriented research (2001-)
For over a decade, IDD has led a cutting-edge research and knowledge management centre, GSDRC. This supports many aid agencies, synthesising the latest evidence and expert thinking to inform policy and practice. GSDRC provides applied knowledge services on demand and online, specialising in issues of governance, social development, humanitarian response and conflict.

Departments in the School of Government