Dilemmas in International Relations

School: School of Government
Department of Political Science and International Studies

Modular value: 20 credits
Term long 
Contact Hours: 
3 hours per week

This module introduces students to the key issues, problems and practices of contemporary international relations. It introduces you to important practical problems in international and teaches students how to apply theoretical positions to contemporary political problems. The dilemmas and issues addressed each year will vary but will, for example, problems of war and humanitarian interventions, democratizations, global governance and security issues. By the end of the modules students will gain an understanding of the practice of international relations, both as an academic discipline and a real world activity, and be able to apply international relations theory to dilemmas in international relations. 

On successful completion on the module, students will demonstrate an ability to:

  • Understand a range of practical dilemmas in international relations
  • Be capable of analysing and explaining key issues in international relations
  • Apply different approaches to international relations theory to key practical problems in international relations practices


  • Formative Assessment: 1000 word essay
  • Summative Assessment: 3500 Words essay