Optional modules

In POLSIS, we are proud of the extensive range of modules that are available to our students; allowing you to tailor your course and study topics that interest you the most.

Optional modules in the second year

Analysing Political Worlds Modern Political Thought
Comparative Politics 
International Political Economy Diplomatic History Post-1945 European Union Politics
British Politics International Relations Theory The International Politics of East Asia
Introduction to US Domestic Politics International Security Understanding Foreign Policy
America and the Middle East through Politics and Film International Relations of the Middle East Feminist Political Ideas
Exploring Europe: Politics, Economics and Culture International Politics and Security in Russia and Eurasia Elections and Voting in Britain
Global Governance Rebels and Revolutionaries: The Politics of Non-State Armed Groups  War and Peace: Theory and Practice
Public Policy Blunders, Stagnation and BadDecision Making  Soviet Politics: Rise and Fall of a Superpower Quantitative Political Analysis
Political Economy, Energy and Security  Controversies in Contemporary Democracies: Comparative Perspectives Public Choice Theory

The modules taught on our Undergraduate Political Science and International Relations programme(s) are in the process of being revised for the 2019 academic year. The modules listed here provide an indication of the new modules available, but are still subject to change.