Optional modules

In POLSIS, we are proud of the extensive range of modules that are available to our students; allowing you to tailor your course and study topics that interest you the most.

Optional modules in the final year

Contemporary Russian and East European Politics Power in Britain 
Contemporary US Foreign and Security Policy
Contemporary International Political Economy Topics in British Politics Global Uprisings: Critique and Radical Politics
Security in Europe: Actors, Crises and Threats Democracy and Authoritarianism in Contemporary Europe War Torn States and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in the South
Professional Development (work placement) Advanced Modern Asia  The EU in a Globalised World
Left Parties and Protest Movements Gender in World Politics Issues in US Domestic Politics
Varieties of Capitalism and Welfare State Models Law, Politics and the International System: Mediating Power beyond the State New Media, Social Media, and International Politics 
Strategy and Decision-making Conflict, Statehood and Sovereignty in World Politics  Parties, Voters and Elections 
Migration Diplomacy in the Middle East Environment, Politics and Society  Politics, Music and the Arts 
 The Political Economy of Russia Global Capitalism and Migration Understanding Brexit: Identity andEuroscepticism in Europe
Russian Foreign Policy  The Diplomacy of the Arab-Israeli Conflict Populism in Contemporary Politics
Body Politics: Security, Economy, Violence    

The modules taught on our Undergraduate Political Science and International Relations programme(s) are in the process of being revised for the 2019 academic year. The modules listed here provide an indication of the new modules available, but are still subject to change.