Optional modules

In POLSIS, we are proud of the extensive range of modules that are available to our students; allowing you to tailor your course and study topics that interest you the most.

Optional modules in the final year

  • African Politics (from the International Development Department)
  • Challenges to Liberal Democracy
  • Conflict and Peace: Theory and Practice
  • Contemporary Political Economy
  • Corruption and Clientelism
  • Debates in Political Theory
  • Development: the environmental challenge (from the International Development Department)
  • Environment and Climate Politics
  • Gender and World Politics
  • Global Security
  • Human Rights and Development (from the International Development Department)
  • Identity, Inequality and Inclusive Development (from the International Development Department)
  • Law, Politics and the International System
  • New Media, Social Media and Politics
  • Parliamentary Studies
  • Parties and Voters Across the Globe
  • Rising Powers
  • Strategy, Leadership and Foreign Policy
  • Topics in British Politics
  • Understanding Migration

Please note: The modules listed on the website for this programme are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date and informed by the latest research and teaching methods. Unless indicated otherwise, the modules listed for this programme are for students starting in 2022. On rare occasions, we may need to make unexpected changes to compulsory modules; in this event we will contact offer holders as soon as possible to inform or consult them as appropriate.