Global Development Challenges

What are the key global development challenges and why do they persist? What is being done to address these challenges?

This module provides key insights into and analysis of some of the world’s most pressing development challenges, including climate change, poverty, inequality, and migration. Each week, we will critically examine one of the key Sustainable Development Goals, which form the basis of an international consensus on action to address these challenges.

We will analyse the scale of the task for each goal, and explore the feasibility of a range of possible ways to achieve it, from international commitment through to community action. Weekly lectures will be complemented with participatory weekly seminars, giving you the opportunity to understand the scale and complexity of the global development challenge, debate our progress towards the SDGs, and understand the key barriers and opportunities for meeting these development goals in the future.

Learning outcomes

 At the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Outline the scale and complexity of the key global development challenges.
  • Describe and critique the sustainable development goals.
  • Analyse how global development challenges may be addressed, with reference to competing theories of and approaches to international development.


  • One 1,000 word written assignment (25%)
  • One 2,000 word written assignment (75%)