Dissertation (POLSIS)

School: School of Government
Department: Department of Political Science and International Studies

Module convenor: Dr Julian Pänke

Final year module

The dissertation is your chance to study a topic of particular interest to you. You decide on the topic which should have some relevance to politics or international studies.

The aim is to apply the knowledge (theory and techniques) you have acquired over the past two years. It gives you a chance to demonstrate your ability to work on your own, acquire knowledge about a specialised area of study, use your initiative in the collection and presentation of material, undertake a thorough review of the literature, draw appropriate conclusions and present a clear, cogent argument. The dissertation may involve the presentation of new knowledge or the use of primary sources, but this is not an expectation.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of these linked modules students will be able to demonstrate an ability to:

  • Work independently in specialised research in the fields of Social Science (Political Science, International Relations, Political Economy and/or Sociology);
  • Use their initiative in collecting and presenting material;
  • Undertake a thorough review of the literature in the chosen specialised field;
  • Draw appropriate conclusions from assembled data;
  • Present a well-structured dissertation employing the appropriate academic conventions.

Assessment (from 2018-19)

  • 1 x Dissertation word length 10,000 words