Understanding Foreign Policy

School: School of Government
Department: Department of Political Science and International Studies

Second year module

Lecturers: Dr Julian Pänke

This module provides students with an understanding of different factors influencing foreign policy making. Throughout the module, students will tackle the question: How do states formulate and implement their foreign policies? In the first half, students will acquire the theoretical and methodological tools of foreign policy analysis. In the second half, various European and non-European foreign policies are explored as case studies to deepen students' understanding of the topic.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Engage critically with the complexity of foreign policy decision making in a globalised world
  • Evaluate factors which influence specific foreign policies on three levels of analysis
  • Apply various theoretical and methodological tools of foreign policy analysis to examine foreign policy decisions

Assessment (from 2018-19)

  • 1x Essay Proposal (formative)
  • 1x 1000 word Literature Summary  (25%)
  • 1x 3000 word essay (75%)