IDD Guest Seminar Series

The International Development Department hosts a number of public seminars, talks and lectures throughout the year which focus on a range of different topics. 


Protecting the Environment and Improving Lives

Across the world there are high levels of poverty and environmental degradation. Professor Fiona Nunan asks, is it possible to tackle the challenges of environmental degradation and poverty and inequality at the same time? Part of the College of Social Sciences Inaugural Lecture Series. 

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Previous seminars:


23rd November - International Humanitarian Aid Workers: The Case of Doctors from Cuba

16th November - Politicising Inequality: The Power of Ideas

2nd November - Perceptions of Peace Agreements and State Authority: Evidence from Guatemala, Nepal, and Northern Ireland

30th October - Let's Talk Terrorism Legislation

19th October - Eye Witness: Daily Life in the Rural West Bank

23rd May - Podcast: Why Comrades Go to War: Liberation Politics and the Outbreak of Africa's Deadliest Conflict

11th May - Spatial Politics of the Refugee Crisis: Biopolitical Power and the Struggle over Public Space on Refugee Routes to the EU

27th April - Podcast: Responsibility and Its Avoidance: Essays in Public Management and Governance

22nd March - Reproducing Remoteness? States, Internationals and the Co-Constitution of Aid 'Bunkerization' in the East African Periphery

16th March - Breaking The Marble Ceiling: My Experience As A Fijian Woman In Politics

15th March - Podcast: The Authoritarian Origins of Well-Organised Opposition Parties: The Rise of Chadema in Tanzania

8th March - Podcast: From Becoming 'saso' to Becoming MSM? Queer Subjectivities and HIV Discourse in Accra, Ghana

23rd February - Aid and Development: National Interest or Common Interest?

2nd February - Podcast: Reconsidering 'Resource Wars': The Micro-Dynamics Of Diamonds in the Revolutionary United Front

19th January - Podcast: How Change Happens

16th January - Africa in 2017: Prospects & Forecasts

12th January - Podcast: Politically Smart Support to Economic Development