IDD Guest Seminar Series 2018/19

The International Development Department hosts a number of seminars throughout which focuses on a number of different topics. The seminars are open to everyone. The full list of seminars is below.

For more information about the seminar series contact:
Dr Niheer Dasandi

Upcoming seminars

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Previous seminars:


23rd November - International Humanitarian Aid Workers: The Case of Doctors from Cuba

16th November - Politicising Inequality: The Power of Ideas

2nd November - Perceptions of Peace Agreements and State Authority: Evidence from Guatemala, Nepal, and Northern Ireland

30th October - Let's Talk Terrorism Legislation

19th October - Eye Witness: Daily Life in the Rural West Bank

23rd May - Podcast: Why Comrades Go to War: Liberation Politics and the Outbreak of Africa's Deadliest Conflict

11th May - Spatial Politics of the Refugee Crisis: Biopolitical Power and the Struggle over Public Space on Refugee Routes to the EU

27th April - Podcast: Responsibility and Its Avoidance: Essays in Public Management and Governance

22nd March - Reproducing Remoteness? States, Internationals and the Co-Constitution of Aid 'Bunkerization' in the East African Periphery

16th March - Breaking The Marble Ceiling: My Experience As A Fijian Woman In Politics

15th March - Podcast: The Authoritarian Origins of Well-Organised Opposition Parties: The Rise of Chadema in Tanzania

8th March - Podcast: From Becoming 'saso' to Becoming MSM? Queer Subjectivities and HIV Discourse in Accra, Ghana

23rd February - Aid and Development: National Interest or Common Interest?

2nd February - Podcast: Reconsidering 'Resource Wars': The Micro-Dynamics Of Diamonds in the Revolutionary United Front

19th January - Podcast: How Change Happens

16th January - Africa in 2017: Prospects & Forecasts

12th January - Podcast: Politically Smart Support to Economic Development