IDD Guest seminar podcast: Succeeding to failure: Hybrid organizations and institutional complexity

Speaker: Professor Royston Greenwood, University of Alberta   

Based on an ethnographic study of a hospital, the paper develops a multi-level process model of how a hybrid organizational form – in this instance, one that seeks to reconcile public, private and professional logics - starts to diverge and collapse. The model contributes to two debates within institutional theory. First, it advances our understanding of how organizations cope or fail to cope with institutional complexity, and paradoxically shows how signals of legitimacy and success can actually undermine organizational performance. Second, it contributes to our understanding of the micro-foundations of institutional processes by conceptualizing circumstances and specific mechanisms that influence the extent to which actors are able to exert discretion in their adherence to institutional logics.   

Royston Greenwood is the Telus Professor of Strategic Management in the School of Business, University of Alberta. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Management and a former Chair of the Academy’s Organization and Management Theory Division. In 2013 the European Group for Organization Studies made him an Honorary Member and in 2014 he was the Distinguished Scholar of the Academy of Management OMT Division His research interests focus upon institutional and organizational change, although recently he has begun to explore the institutional foundations of corporate fraud. He has twice won the Best Paper Award from the Academy of Management Journal, and has also received the Scholarly Contribution Award from the Administrative Science Quarterly, and the Greif Research Impact Award from the Academy’s Entrepreneurship Division. 

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