IDD Guest seminar podcast: Liberation Politics and the Outbreak of Africa's Deadliest Conflict

Speaker: Dr Harry Verhoeven (Georgetown University Qatar).

Dr Harry Verhoeven of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Qatar. Present his new book (with Philip Roessler) about the outbreak of the Congo War: "Why Comrades go to War: Liberation Politics and the Outbreak of Africa's Deadliest Conflict" (Hurst and OUP: 2016).

Harry is an Assistant Professor of Government at the School of Foreign Service in Qatar of Georgetown University. He convenes the Oxford University-China Africa Network (OUCAN) and remains an Associate Member of the Department of Politics & International Relations of the University of Oxford, where he wrote his doctorate and worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow. He is the author of Water, Civilisation and Power in Sudan: The Political Economy of Military-Islamist State Building (CUP: 2015). In 2016-2017, he is also a Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge.

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Recorded: Tuesday 23 May 2017 (12:00-14:00)

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