The Political Economy of Power-Sharing in Post-Conflict Situations Funding agency: German Research Foundation (2016 - 2020)


Dr Martin Ottmann

Academic partner: Dr Felix Haass (German Institute of Global and Area Studies)

Project aims

Power-sharing has become a frequently employed tool for conflict-management and democratization after civil conflict. But how precisely does power-sharing bring about peace and/or democracy? What are the mechanisms through which post-conflict power-sharing works? The research project ‘The Political Economy of Power-Sharing in Post-Conflict Situations’ addresses these questions through an in-depth analysis of the impact of power-sharing on the exercise of political power. Building on the existing political economy literature, it specifically examines the relationship between power-sharing and sub-national resource allocation. The research employs a mixed-method research design, combining advanced statistical research methods with qualitative field research in Liberia and Indonesia.

More information

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