Research outputs

Academic papers:

MigChoice Country Report (September 2021)
The Gambia 

MigChoice Report (September 20212)

MigChoice Country Report (September 2021)

MigChoice final project report
International Development Interventions and Migration Choices

MiGChoice Policy Brief Issue 3 (March 2021):
Gender, the International Community and ‘best practice’ interventions in migration and development 

MiGChoice Policy Brief Issue 2 (January 2021):
Development Interventions, Education and the Migration Choices of Young People in West Africa

MiGChoice Policy Brief Issue 1 (June 2020):
Freedom of Movement in West Africa: A snap shot of the history and future of regulating mobility

Suggested referencing for this report:

MigChoice Consortium 2021, Development Interventions and Migration Choices – The Final Report of the MigChoice Project, ISBN: 978-1-5272-9456-1, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, [viewed Day Month Year]

The MigChoice Consortium is made up of the following colleagues: Bellagamba, A.; Ceesay, E.; Vitturini, E.; Botta, E.; Engeler, M.; Sompare, A.W.; Cissokho, D.; Riccio, B.; Sakho, P.; Zingari, G.N.; Lenoel, A.; Oelgemöller, C.; Black, R.; Schwartz, C; Simon, M.; Hudson, D.