Getting the message right: How to fight serious organised crime and corruption

The aim of the research is ultimately to test the effects of awareness-raising about corruption and SOC in Albania. 

Awareness-raising efforts are prominent in many counter-SOC and anticorruption policy strategies. This study will test five different messages; a concerted effort has been made to develop and test messages that are hypothesized to have a positive influence in fostering supportive counter-SOC and anticorruption attitudes as well as resemble those that are most likely to be used in policy.

The proposed study aims to identify what types of messages might be useful and which ones should be avoided for policy makers. 

Expected impact

The findings have the potential of enabling policy makers to design more effective counter-SOC and anticorruption messaging strategies in the future, empowering them to better respond to some of the most significant threats to democracy, development and the rule of law in Albania. 


Dr Caryn Peiffer


Caryn PeifferPrincipal Investigator
Dr Caryn Peiffer, University of Bristol

Professor Nic CheesmanCo-Investigator
Professor Nic Cheeseman, University of Birmingham

Team Member
IDRA Survey