Gender and Inclusive Development

View on traditional Maya woman on market in Chamula Mexico.Since the UN Decade for Women (1975-1985), the different inequalities that women experience in various areas of life have been placed squarely on the agenda of human rights and development. 

This has turned the issue of gender inequality into a central concern for the field of development. While the visibility of gendered exclusions has been a welcome addition to the field of development studies, the field of policy has lagged behind, much of its focus is still mainly directed towards expanding the participation of women in political, social and economic life. We conduct research into gendered understandings of power, politics and identity, and critically engage with development and peacebuilding agendas to expose the ways in which gender informs and shapes processes of exclusion, conflict and violence, both structural and direct. Our research advances new understandings of gendered and intersectional inequalities and their theoretical, practical and policy implications for the field of development.

Postgraduate Researchers

Research Projects

vulnerable woman lying face down in the road across the word STOPGender Inequality themeNic Cheeseman, co-lead on of the Institute for Global Innovation, University of Birmingham, 2018




Gendering historical memory: promoting gender equality through the experiences of female ex-combatants in GuatemalaSanne Weber, Institute of Global Innovation, University of Birmingham, 2018

Gender and transitional justice: Exploring gendered categories of victimhood and citizenship, analysing gendered perceptions and dynamics of reconciliationSanne Weber


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