Commercialisation of Public Services

The growing financial pressures on the public sector mean that it must innovate and find new income streams if it is to meet the needs of its customers.

Commercialisation is at the heart of this endeavour, and therefore it is integral that public managers understand its growing relevance to the public sector, and the important opportunities it affords.

The module will introduce you to the state of the art in commercialisation theory and implementation principles, and how they relate to the dynamics of public services delivery. You will gain advanced understanding of the rationale for trading; rules and responsibilities; types of trading and commercial activity; the impact of trading on services; and the potential risks. Using real life case studies the module will provide you with the skills to evaluate the strategic options for commercialising services within your organisation. You will also review different income generating strategies, developing an understanding of the market and which approaches are most appropriate for different types of service.

Content will be delivered in our innovative blended format; the first part of the module will be taught through our bespoke online learning environment, providing you with the flexibility to learn where and when you want. For the second part of the module, you will be on campus at the University of Birmingham, applying your online learning to group problem-solving tasks and scenario-based exercises.

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Analyse the emerging theoretical frameworks that can inform strategic choices about commercialisation.
  • Identify and evaluate the commercial opportunities that may be available to public services generally, and their own particular service.
  • Generate appropriate costing and pricing plans and associated risk analysis of options for commercialising public services.
  • Construct realistic plans for taking public services to market, including devising business cases and options appraisal.
  • Recognise and resolve the challenges faced by organisations developing plans to commercialise services within complex public service environments.