Performance, Strategy and Challenge

The pressure to do ‘more with less’ caused by growing financial pressures, coupled with demand for greater accountability to the tax payer mean that the performance of public services is never far from the spotlight.

It is therefore essential that our public managers and leaders understand the importance of performance management to the achievement of strategic objectives and successful public service delivery in the round.

This module will provide you with an advanced understanding of the core principles that underpin different approaches to performance and strategic management, providing knowledge that can be applied in the workplace. It will also equip you with a comprehensive understanding of how these principles relate to the dynamics of public service delivery in different contexts and how they can be applied effectively in complex and collaborative service arrangements. Through case study examples, and interrogation of evidence, the module will also identify the risks involved in the implementation of strategic and performance management approaches.

Content will be delivered in our innovative blended format; the first part of the module will be taught through our bespoke online learning environment, providing you with the flexibility to learn where and when you want. For the second part of the module, you will be on campus at the University of Birmingham, applying your online learning to group problem-solving tasks and scenario-based exercises.

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Synthesize performance management with its underpinning for strategic management and policy objectives.
  • Appraise performance management in terms of its capability to meet policy goals.
  • Critique performance measurement on both negative and positive consequences for strategic management and organisational impact.
  • Critically approach the theoretical perspectives that underpin performance management and strategic objectives.
  • Enable students to apply frameworks used within strategic and performance management.
  • Recognise and resolve the challenges faced by organisations developing strategic and performance management frameworks within complex public service environments.