The Impact of Local Authorities Supplying Legal Services to NHS Trusts (2010)

Project lead: Peter Watt

Funding: Funding Communities and Local Government

Project details

Recent work on improving value for money in public services has demonstrated the benefit of a joined-up approach to service delivery and the benefits of public bodies working together to generate outcomes for citizens in the most cost effective manner. Where one public body has a comparative advantage in provision of a service there is a strong prima facie case for their being able offer to provide that service for another public body. However the legal position with regard to local authorities providing and charging for services is complex and may serve as a barrier to the possibility of such efficiency savings. One example of legal barriers to possible efficiency gains could be for local authorities to provide legal services to NHS trusts.

This research, undertaken by Dr Peter Watt, examines the business case for such provision and the legal issues that arise in working in such a way.