Brussels study trip

Every year POLSIS MA students have the opportunity to take part in a week-long study trip to Brussels. This gives students the opportunity to visit some of the international organisations based in Brussels - both those that are part of the European Union and of NATO - to learn about and see at first hand how they operate.

Brussels study trip 2014 - Photo taken at the latest brussels visit, January 2014

As part of the trip, students have the opportunity to meet and discuss policymaking, institutional questions, and to learn about working life within the international institutions. The study trip also has a social element - including a day trip to Bruges and a group meal during the week. The department subsidises the cost of the study trip so that its cost is considerably reduced for POLSIS MA students.

Each year students enjoy the opportunity to learn about the institutions based in Brussels, to learn about working life within they types of international organisations they are studying as part of their academic activities, and to have a chance spending some time getting to know their fellow students over the course of the week.

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