ESRC Seminar Series: Understanding the Post-Crisis Landscape

Seminars in the series:

Assessing Change in Economic Management, Welfare, Work and Democracy
Date: 15 December 2014, Location: University of Birmingham
This seminar introduced a 6-seminar ESRC seminar series: Understanding the Post-Crisis Landscape: Assessing Change in Economic Management, Welfare, Work and Democracy. It highlighted and contested contemporary political economy approaches to macroeconomic management, welfare, work, and democracy, in the light of the global economic crisis - thereby setting the scene for four subsequent seminars to explore each of these themes in more depth.

Funding in the Post-Crisis Economy: Lessons from the Crisis
Date: 09 July 2015, Location: City University London
This seminar explored key questions relating to finance that had been posed as a result of the 2008 crisis. The discussion centred around the main questions of whether a new paradigm of economic management and governance is needed, and whether such a paradigm will imply a turn to greater state intervention in the economy, or whether an entirely new relationship and balance of interests between the public and private sectors will be found.

Labour Market Regulation in the Post-Crisis Era
Date: 05 May 2016, Location: University of Sheffield
This seminar explored the stock of post-crisis developments in labour regulation, focusing on the UK and the wider EU. This included discussions of labour legislation, the relative legal status of regular, temporary and informal workers, and changes affecting enforcement mechanisms.

The Welfare State in the Post(?)-Crisis Landscape
Date: 03-04 June 2016, Location: Kings College London
This fourth of the six ESRC seminars on the post-crisis landscape turned to a focus on the welfare state.

Democratic responses and political pressures for change
Date: 14-15 July 2016, Location: UPF, Barcelona
This two-day seminar focused on patterns of contestation, protest, alternative forms of political participation, and how each of these have had an impact upon contemporary policymaking in political economy. The seminar focused on a range of questions related to the relationship between democratic participation, protest, and political economy outcomes.

Assessing change in economic management, welfare, work and democracy in the context of Brexit
Date: 10 November 2016, Location: FEPS, Brussels
This session brought together the findings of the four earlier thematic seminars, in dialogue with policymakers and key economic and civil society actors. The seminar was based in a leading Brussels-based think-tank, providing an excellent opportunity to facilitate further discussion between policy-focused and academic-focused actors from across the European Union.