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4th December - Choices, Challenges and Crises: Economic Reform in Post-Communist Europe

28th November - Russia in Syria: Quagmire or Masterstroke?

26th November - Blair's Britain: A Legacy Assessed

21st November - Black to Red: the Politics of Prison Reform in the former Soviet Union

15th November - Syria's Disappeared: The Case Against Assad

7th November - Diversifying the Brexit Debate: the EU and marginalised voices

5th November - Frozen Conflict: Interpreting reality through art, film and social sciences

24th October - Not 'Coming Out'? The Attitudinal Panopticon and the Shallow Europeanisation of LGBT Rights in Serbia

16th October - National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy

9th October - PTR Polsis seminar series

9th October - How Democracies Die

2nd October - How can we engage young people in politics?

12th July - Trusting Enemies

7th June - Thirty Years Later: Ethnic Conflict in the Former Soviet Union

22nd May - Becoming the World's Most Powerful Woman: Angela Merkel and the Transformation of United Germany

2nd May - Euroscepticism and the Future of European Integration

1st May - Self-Determination and Secession across Europe and Eurasia

19th April - Brexit and British Politics

21st March - The History of Political Thought: Collingwood, Gadamer and Derrida on Interpretation

14th March - IGS Symposium: '1968 and All That: Legacies of a Revolution'

14th March - Is Democracy in Decline?

7th March - IGS Workshop: 'The (Im)Possibility of Liberating One('s)Self'

6th March - Reflections on the Italian elections

21st February - Religion-based political violence: What's God got to do with it?

22nd-23rd January - Actions and Reactions – On the dynamics of competition between populist challengers and mainstream parties in Europe today


7th December - Citizen Hariri: Lebanon's Neoliberal Reconstruction

6th December - 'He Don't Mean to Fight You….He only Means to Kill You': History, Politics and the Significance of the Chiricahua Apaches

29th November - What's the Purpose of International Relations? Views of the Discipline

22nd November - Book Launch: "Beyond Defeat and Austerity" (David Bailey- POLSIS) & "The Euro Crisis and European Identities" (Charlotte Galpin- POLSIS)

19th November - Sovereignties of Birmingham

17th November - Workshop: 'German Politics in Times of Populism'

17th November - POLSIS Presents: The Political Economy of Banking

14th November - Live Recording of Political Worldview Podcast

25th October - Understanding the Politics of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

23rd October - Joint event of the Asian Politics and Parties, Voters & Elections Research Group: Japan's snap elections in a time of regional and global challenges.

18th October - The EU and Global Capitalism: Origins, Development, Crisis

11th October - Understanding Migration Through Film

4th October - The German Election: Implications for Europe and Brexit

21st September - Finding Trust in Social Sciences

6th July - Podcast: Roundtable: The UK terror attacks

27th June - The Destruction of Memory: a cross-disciplinary event

13th June - Identity and Citizenship in Europe: A Process of Re-Nationalisation?

9th June - Donald Trump's Presidency: Political Culture in the USA and Abroad

31st May - Party Change and Party Development in Europe and Beyond

25th May - Football and the Politics of Emotions

12th May - GCfE Conference: "Land of liberty or Land of libertines?"

11th May - GCfE Conference: "Opting Out of the European Union: Towards a Practice Turn in EU Studies"

29th March - Capitalist crisis, technological change and the restructuring of global labour markets

16th March - Graduate Centre for Europe seminar: Echoes of Empire in European architecture, history and politics

15th March - Alternative Facts: Donald Trump and the Future of the Transatlantic Relationship

14th March - Power Talk during Prime Minister's Questions: Organising adversarial talk in political interaction

8th March - Podcast: The End of Globalisation? Populism, protectionism and the neoliberal order

1st March - Workshop and reading with Japanese- German writer Yoko Tawada

1st March - Podcast: From Electoral Despair to Where?: Has Brexit Given the Liberal Democrats a Lifeline?

22nd February - Is (S)he Feminist? Gendered Receptions of Women Writers and Activists. The Cases of Anna Haag and Elizabeth Robins

8th February - Roundtable on "Gender, Trump and Methods of Resistance"

26th January - Podcast: From Europe's troubled periphery to security provider: Albanian Foreign Policy in regional and European context

25th January - Radical right-wing populist parties in Europe: Into the mainstream?

23rd January - Different minds, different strategy? Cross-cultural cognition and Chinese strategic choice

18th January - "How Fascist Is Trump? (Re)Writing Nazi History in an Age of Populism"

18th January - Confronting the Islamic State Challenge in Syria

13th January - Narrative Patterns in Right-Wing Radicalization

11th January - Towards Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula

9th January - Diplomacy in the Middle East: The Norwegian Experience


12th December - Relief or Panic? Perceptions of Brexit in Germany and Greece

7th December - POLSIS Doctoral Colloquium

5th December - Podcast: Education and Peace-Building in Deeply Divided Societies

1st December - The Syrian Crisis

30th November - Border Crossings in Modern Languages: Research, Teaching and Practice

30th November - POLSIS Doctoral Colloquium

24th November - The Significance of the World War One Centenary in Transnational Perspective

24th November - Organizing Representation: Political Parties, Participation, and Power

21st November - Chilcot and Iraq

16th November - US Election 2016: Clinton v Trump  - understanding the result and what happens next

14th November - Trust processes in the eye of the storm! How do we cope with salient vulnerability

10th November - ESRC seminar - Assessing change in economic management, welfare, work and democracy in the context of Brexit

9th November - The Philosophy of Bernard Stiegler: Capitalism, Technology and the Politics of Spirit

9th November - Berlin ist mein Paris

1st-4th November - An Introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) as a Set-Theoretic and Case-Oriented Approach to Comparative Research

31st October - Set-Theoretic Thinking in the Social Sciences – Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) in a Nutshell

26th October - POLSIS Doctoral Colloquium

17th October - Personality and International Politics: Insights from Existing Research and Directions for the Future

12th October - Liquidities: Storytelling and the Materialities of Political Economy

5th October - POLSIS Seminar: How to Win a Marginal Seat

28th September - Brexit: the Referendum and its Consequences

14th September - Podcast: IGS Project Seminar – (Not) Made in Germany? Imagining Germany from the Outside

12th September - Podcast: Global Governance for the Anthropocene: Nuclear Weapons and the Global Ecology

23rd June - 'The New Edition of Hitler's Mein Kampf'

20th June - Ontological Security: A Holistic Framework for Analysis

16th June - Ontological Security: Theoretical Advances and Asian Cases

3rd May - What Counts? Audit Culture Interventionism and the Neoliberal University

16th March - Democracy in Crisis? Pressures from above, below and within

9th March - The Eurozone crisis and Greek foreign policy

2nd March - Unpacking the presidential toolbox: coalitional presidentialism from a cross-regional perspective

24th February - Gender, peace-building and the politics of space

10th February - Social forces in the making of Ukraine's crises

27th January - Locating the non-Western 'subject' in world politics

20th January - Recent Greek Emigration during the Crisis: The educated middle class on the move?

13th January - Lessons from the Greek Crisis? Burden-Sharing, Moral Hazard and the Effectiveness of Institutions


15th December - ESRC seminar - Assessing Change in Economic Management, Welfare, Work and Democracy

27th November - Podcast: The New Challenges and Choices of the South Caucasus: Between Political, Cultural and Economic Priorities

26th November - The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: The Uses and Misuses of History

20th November - NATO after the Wales Summit

19th November - Reflections on the Revolutions in Europe: 1989 a Quarter of a Century On

12th November - EU: The State of the Union

5th November - Gendered Neoliberalism: Is Neobliberalism Bad for Women?

29th October - Podcast: Hobbes's Dilemma and the Liberal Quest for World Order

22nd October - Why there is no "new Cold War" (or the use and abuse of history).

13th-17th October - Russian Festival of Culture

1st October - The Implication of the Scottish Independence Referendum

16th-17th September - Assessment and Feedback: Rethinking Pedagogic Practice in Politics and International Relations

30th-31st May - Challenges to Emerging and Established Powers: Brazil and the United Kingdom in the Contemporary Global Order

20th May - (Podcast) Ethics and the Holocaust

5th-16th May - Dictatorship and Democracy in the Age of Extremes

1st May - Motors of Change, Sources of Stability: Party Politics in Central and Eastern Europe

26th March - The defence and security implications of Scottish independence

12th March - (Podcast) Britain and the EU: Towards Brexit?

28th February - Contemporary Tibet: Politics of Transformation, Identity and Resistance

12th February - Climate Policy and Political Parties

5th February - (Podcast) Deliberative leadership

29th January - (Podcast) In a Cross-Fire of Integration: Russia, Europe and Political Crisis in Ukraine

22nd January - Parades, Parties and Pests: Managing Contradictions in the Everyday Lives of Peacekeepers in Liberia