POLSIS Doctoral Colloquium

121 Muirhead Tower
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Social Sciences, Students, Teaching
Wednesday 26th October 2016 (15:00-16:30)
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POLSIS Seminar Series 2016/17


  • Milly Morris: "Beauty is the beast: using Foucault's theory of self-surveillance to explore the dieting industry, the beauty ideal and body dissatisfaction among women"
  • Ploy Pintobtang:  "Conversations on Constitution: Jean-Louis Delolme and his reception in the British, German and American schools of political thought in the eighteenth century"

Convened by: Melany Cruz, Kate Schenck, Onur Acaroğlu

POLSIS Doctoral Colloquium. POLSIS hosts a number of seminars throughout the autumn term which focuses on a number of different topics. The seminars are open to everyone. view the full list of the POLSIS Seminar Series 2016-17.