POLSIS Welcomes New Members of Staff

POLSIS is delighted to welcome three new members of staff (George Kyris, Julian Pänke and Lorenzo Cladi) who joined the department this autumn and extends a warm welcome to two further scholars (Nicole Scicluna and Sotirios Zartaloudis) who are due to join in January 2015.

Before coming to Birmingham, George Kyris had been a Research Fellow at the LSE, and taught at the University of Warwick and at the University of Manchester, where he studied for his MA and PhD. His main research interests encompass the international relations of the EU, conflict resolution, unrecognised states , the Eurozone crisis, Europeanisation and euroscepticism, while his regional research focus is southeast Europe, especially Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. George will be contributing to the teaching of international relations and the European Union.

Julian Pänke also has strong interests in the European Union, particularly the European Neighbourhood Policy and joins the department as the new DAAD-Fachlektor and Lecturer in European Politics, having previously been based at the Institute for European Politics in Berlin. Julian will teach modules focusing on Europeanization, European external relations and German Foreign Policy.

Although his research also examines the impact of the USA-EU relationship on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, like George and Julian, Lorenzo Cladi's main research interests have a geographical concentration on European themes, but his focus is on the theoretical explanations of European security and defence policy. Lorenzo previously taught at the Universities of Bath, St. Bonaventure (in New York) and Loughborough where he completed his PhD in international relations. He teaches modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level on European and International Security, as well as Diplomacy and Statecraft.

Sotirios Zartaloudis's research interests include Europeanization, public policy, international political economy and the impact of the financial crisis on Southern Europe. He has taught at the Universities of Loughborough and Manchester and hold a PhD from the LSE. Sotirios will teach modules focused on international politics and political economy.

Nicole Scicluna completed her PhD at La Trobe University in Melbourne in 2013 and has held a postdoctoral fellowship in social sciences at Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin for the past year. Her research focuses on the legal and political aspects of European integration, particularly the EU's constitutional system and how it has been affected by the euro crisis. Nicole will be teaching modules focused on War Torn States, Post Conflict Reconstruction, Diplomatic History and Research Skills.