Gerasimos Tsourapas Awarded Prestigious Book Prize

book award

Dr Gerasimos Tsourapas, Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics at the School of Government, has won the 2020 ENMISA Distinguished Book Award by the International Studies Association.

The award recognises the best book published over the past two years in the study of the international politics of ethnicity, nationalism or migration.

Dr Tsourapas' book, 'The Politics of Migration in Modern Egypt - Strategies for Regime Survival in Autocracies' was published by Cambridge University Press in 2019. Based on extensive fieldwork in Egypt in 2012-2013, it is the first book-length examination of how labour migration affects the durability of authoritarian regimes in the Global South.

Drawing on elite and expert interviews, archival data, and an extensive review of Arabic media sources, Dr Tsourapas identifies that the Egyptian regime used migration policy as an instrument of repression, co-optation, and legitimation. He continues to identify how this framework sheds light on the workings of authoritarian regimes across the Middle East and the wider Global South. The book is based on his doctoral research, which was awarded the 2017 Best Dissertation Prize by the American Political Science Associations’ Migration & Citizenship Section. 

Watch Dr Gerasimos Tsourapas discuss his book on the University of Birmingham Youtube Channel and visit his staff profile for more details on his research agenda.