Gerasimos Tsourapas wins award to research transnational authoritarianism

Dr Gerasimos Tsourapas, Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics at the School of Government, has won a competitive research grant to study transnational authoritarianism in the Middle East.

In April 2020, the Council for British Research in the Levant awarded Gerasimos Tsourapas with a Pilot Study Grant, which will fund a 2020-21 research project on “The Rise of Transnational Authoritarianism in the Middle East.” As the Principal Investigator, Dr Tsourapas will conduct fieldwork in order to understand how Arab states aim to exert control over migrant and diaspora groups abroad. The project argues that authoritarian practices are no longer contained within the limits of the states but expand to citizens abroad. In particular, Dr Tsourapas aims to identify the workings of transnational authoritarianism, with a specific focus on the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.