Recent PhD Success Highlights Strength of POLSIS Doctoral Research

POLSIS PhD student Liam Stanley successfully defended his doctoral theses recently. Liam, who was supervised by Stephen Bates and David Bailey wrote his thesis on the economic crisis and austerity. His success follows hard on the heels of another successful year for doctoral researchers in the department in a number of different areas.

In the field of British politics Dr Stephen Hetherington wrote on 'The Rationales of New Labour's Cultural Policy', Dr Christopher Byrne explored 'Neo-Liberalism in British Politics' and Dr Anthony Hopkins examined 'The Conservative Party and Statecraft' (all supervised by Peter Kerr. The consequences of British foreign policy were analysed by Dr Carly Beckerman Boys in a thesis entitled, 'Carnage and Commissions: A British Failure in Palestine' (supervised by Asaf Siniver).

Three doctoral theses looked at aspects of political and sociological change in Asia. Dr Pui Fung Wong researched, 'Shanghai, China's Capital of Modernity' (supervised by Ross Abbinnett), Dr Regina Lim wrote on 'Negotiating Secular Citizenship: Islamization and Political Change in Malaysia' (supervised by Peter Preston and Lou Cabrera), and Dr Jonna Nyman analysed 'Discourses of energy security in US-China relations' (supervised by Adam Quinn and Rita Floyd).

In the field of European politics, Dr Laurence Cooley, who now works in the International Development Department, analysed the construction of European Union conflict management policies in Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo (supervised by Michelle Pace and Tim Haughton). In a joint supervision with colleagues in geography, Dr Stephanie Garstin assessed 'Development Legacies, Dialogue and the Process of Nuclear Development in Pomerania, Poland' (supervised by Rosie Day and Tim Haughton).

Salient international themes were at the heart of Dr Flor Gonzalez Correa's thesis examining 'Transnational Corporations and Human Rights' (supervised by Lou Cabrera) and Dr Ipek Ruacan's 'International and World Society: Toward an English School Theory of Legitimate Supranational Systems' (supervised by Marco Viera).

But success was not restricted to just these fields. Dr Frances Amery's examined 'the politics of abortion in the US and UK' (supervised by Nicola Smith and Stephen Bates), Dr Barbara Schaller's thesis offered a 'heterodox economic theory of poverty production' (supervised by Ronen Palan and Peter Burnham) and Dr Tim Norris examined 'Poetics and Truth in the writing of Hans-Georg Gadamer' (supervised by Steven Buckler).

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