POLSIS Seminar on Greek Elections Highlights Expertise in POLSIS

There are few more topical issues at the moment than the Greek elections. Two colleagues who joined POLSIS this academic year Dr George Kyris and Dr Sotirios Zartaloudis spoke at a special POLSIS Seminar on 03 February. Not only did they provide an explanation for the success of Syriza and the collapse in support for PASOK, they also explored the consequences of the election and the new government both for Greek politics and the European Union more broadly. 

New POLSIS academics

George and Sotirios are not the only new colleagues to join POLSIS this year. At the seminar and in the discussions that followed in the University bar (!), they were joined by Dr Lorenzo Cladi, Dr Julian Pänke and Dr Nicole Scicluna.

The POLSIS seminar series is convened by Dr Tim Haughton and Dr Isabelle Hertner.