POLSIS Spring Seminar Series Discusses Major Topical Issues

Yet again, the spring term's POLSIS departmental series covered a number of topical and timely themes and followed on from a packed programme of seminars in the autumn which included such distinguished scholars as Robert Keohane of Princeton. 

The spring series kicked off with Maria Sobolewska (Manchester) and Chris Allen (Social Policy) discussing ethnic minority political representation in Britain and whether the Race Relations paradigm had ended. Attention then shifted to the EU and the crisis in Ukraine with two eminent speakers, Adrian Hyde Price (Gothenburg) and Dr Derek Averre.

Showcasing the new talent in the department, the following seminar covered the Greek elections. New members of staff Dr George Kyris and Dr Sotirios Zartaloudis examined the results and their implications for Greece and the wider European Union. The focus turned more towards Britain and theory in the next seminar at which Alan Finlayson (University of East Anglia) explored 'Rhetoric and the Performance of Leadership in British Politics' which was expertly discussed by Dr Richard Shorten.

Partly to launch the new book of Daniele Albertazzi (Italian Studies), but also in light of the changing patterns of party politics in Europe, in a joint event with Modern Languages Daniele and Dr Peter Kerr discussed the rise of populism in Europe.

Finally, with just a handful of days to go before polling day, Nicholas Allen (Royal Holloway), John Bartle (Essex) and Peter Kerr discussed the impending British general election. 

The 2014-15 POLSIS seminar series was convened by Dr Tim Haughton and Dr Isabelle Hertner.