Journals in the department

In addition to writing monographs, journal articles and editing special issues and collected volumes, members of POLSIS are involved in the editing of some of the leading journals in political science and international studies. 

British Journal of Political Science 

British Politics 

  • Editors: Nick Randall, Christopher Byrne
  • Senior Editors: Peter Kerr, Steven Kettell
  • Editorial Associates: Nicola Smith, Stuart McAnulla, David Seawright 

POLSIS has been home to the journal British Politics since it was founded in 2005 by Peter Kerr and Steven Kettell. The journal is the only existing forum which is explicitly and exclusively dedicated to highlighting research on all aspects of British politics. The journal was set up as a counterweight to the growing fragmentation of the discipline over recent years and, in this respect, seeks to bring together research (theoretical, empirical, historical and contemporary) from a multi-disciplinary field. As such, the journal aims to incorporate a range of sub-fields, including psephology, policy analysis, regional studies, comparative politics, institutional analysis, political theory, political economy, historical analysis, cultural studies and social policy. 

The journal features a ‘Forward Thinking’ section which aims to highlight the latest research from graduate students within the discipline. It has featured a range of special issues over the years on issues such as gender equality and diversity, economic insecurity in UK households, the legacy of Thatcherism and the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn. One of the more recent special issues – ‘Interpreting Brexit’ – examines various aspects of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU through the lens of an interpretivist political science approach. 

Capital and Class  


Global Political Economy 

Journal of Global Security Studies 


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