Interpreting International Relations / Interrogating Global Politics (2004 - 10)

Researchers: Dr. Cerwyn Moore (

Recent attempts have been made to highlight the trans-disciplinary nature of the discipline of International Relations in many studies drawing extensively on social studies, literature, aesthetics and gender studies as well as in philosophy. Moreover, the project questions the foundations of meaning in the discipline of International Relations (IR), gesturing towards the idea of global politics as a more appropriate frame of reference for the ever-changing contemporary world.

Project aims

The project aims to:

  • Draw on and integrate the diverse set of ideas which are broadly concerned with dialogue, with dialogic understanding, with ‘interpretive’ theory and methods in the discipline of academic IR.
  • Explore the richness of continental philosophy as a tradition of understanding, to explore aesthetic and non-Western interventions, to see how this can help scholars in IR make sense of the drama unfolding before them.
  • Further dialogue by introducing or building upon the work of a number of philosophers, critics and writers, whose ideas have only recently begun to permeate British, European and American IR theory.

Research design

The research is designed to:

  • Explore both dis-junctures and commonalities, in interpretive International Relations.
  • Enrich studies of narratives, hermeneutics and aesthetics in global politics.
  • Interrogate the meaning of International Relations.

Research outputs

The project, which is ongoing, has led to a series of publications including an edited collection as part of the Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Politics, and a single authored monograph with Manchester University Press.

  • Publications / Work-in-progress:

Moore, C (2010) ‘Aesthetics and Global Politics’, Global Society, Vol.24, No.3 (2010) (forthcoming).

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  • Paper presentations

Moore, Cerwyn (2009) ‘Aesthetics and Global Politics’ workshop organised with Dr Jill Steans and Dr Laura Shepherd as part of the activities of the IR theory group at the University of Birmingham. July 11th.

Moore, Cerwyn (2007) ‘Patoka and International Relations: Tracing Continental Philosophy and Politics’ 48th Annual ISA Convention, Chicago, Feb 28th-1st March.

Moore, Cerwyn (2007) ‘Panel Convenor - Interpretive Dialogues: Cerwyn Moore, Julian Reid, Karin Fierke and Xavier Guillaume’, 48th Annual ISA Convention, Chicago, Feb 28th-1st March.

Moore, Cerwyn (2005) ‘Patocka and Hermeneutics’, Centre for Theoretical Studies, Charles University, Prague, 3rd Nov 2005.