Student societies

The University of Birmingham Guild of Students supports over 200 Societies, community volunteering groups and associations, collectively known as student groups; they cover every topic and activity that you can think of – there really is something for everyone.

Departmental Societies

The Politics Society (POLSOC)
The University of Birmingham Guild of Students Politics Society (POLSOC) is the student-run society for all those interested in politics at the University of Birmingham.

Sociology Society (SOCSOC)
This is a society for anyone studying or interested in Sociology. Our aim is to represent Sociology students, our committee members are actively involved in the Student Staff Liaison Committee and I represent members at Guild Council. We work with the Department to improve the university experience for all Sociology students.

German Society
The German Society is for natives who want to practice their English, anyone else who wants to practice their German, and anyone with an interest in arty political films, christmas markets, trivia quizzes, bar crawls, beerfests, trips to Berlin and pretzels. We welcome students of German and non-German students. The German society is for all!

More information

Other student groups across the University cover: Campaigning & Fundraising; Community Volunteering; Cultural & International; Drama; Indoor Activities; Liberation Association; Media; Music and Dance; Outdoor Activities & Recreational Pursuits; Political Religious & Belief and Representation Association. Find out more about the University of Birmingham Student groups and societies.