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Keep up to date with the latest news and events from around the school and the wide-ranging projects our staff and students get involved with. 

POLSIS Interns Visit London Fintech Firms

A group of 4 student interns from POLSIS visited several London fintech (financial technology) firms on Monday 18th June as part of a research project on the changing shape of the British banking sector.

Reflections on the Hay Festival

Dr Katherine Brown, ICCS Management Team member and Head of Theology & Religion at the University of Birmingham reflects on her recent talk at the Hay Festival.

PRIO Cyprus workshop


Researchers from the UoB organised a series of events on Lessons from and For the Cyprus Confict.

Research Poster Conference winners

A "Research Poster Conference" was held at the University of Birmingham on 13 June 2018, showcasing a variety of postgraduate research projects from across the institution.

Tommy Robinson 'the martyr' – how the far right builds its victim narrative

Dr Alex Oaten in The Conversation: Robinson was sentenced to 13 months in prison for live streaming outside a court where a rape trial was taking place. The high-profile campaign that has sprung up to call for his release is part of a well established, and highly effective, narrative of right-wing politics, which depicts people like Robinson as victims of a repressive state.

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