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Tommy Robinson 'the martyr' – how the far right builds its victim narrative

Dr Alex Oaten in The Conversation: Robinson was sentenced to 13 months in prison for live streaming outside a court where a rape trial was taking place. The high-profile campaign that has sprung up to call for his release is part of a well established, and highly effective, narrative of right-wing politics, which depicts people like Robinson as victims of a repressive state.

Russia's imperial mindset dates back centuries – and it is here to stay

Dr Kevork Oskanian in The Conversation: Postcolonial scholarship has overwhelmingly focused on the legacy of Western empires – but despite a long history of foreign expansionism and domination, Russia, in its various incarnations, has never received the same amount of critical scrutiny.

Dr Joan McGregor continues conflict transformation work

female research speaker

Dr Joan McGregor, who was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Birmingham last year, has recently been involved in a number of projects supporting international conflict transformation efforts.

POLSIS represented at the 5th Critical European Studies Workshop

Academics sitting around a table at the seminar series

Dr David Bailey, recently attended the 5th Critical European Studies Workshop, organised by the Critical Political Economy Research Network and Open Learning Initiative, and which took place at the Central European University in Budapest on 11-12 May 2018.

Is Poverty Porn A Necessary Evil?

Abigail Higgins writes for Bright: Guilt-inducing images of black and brown people help charitable aid organizations rack in money. But only in the short run.

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