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Citizens UK pledge, a catalyst for social change and community benefit

Dr Catherine Durose writes for Social Sciences Birmingham blog: Citizens UK bring together locally-rooted member institutions, in the fields of education, community, trade union and faith-based organisations, and uses community organising to generate collective power for social change. Citizens UK have pioneered the use of pledges within their local campaigns on issues of social justice, where those with formal power are invited to commit publicly to action for community benefit.

Why do our feelings about politics matter - and do they matter more now?

Dr Laura Jenkins writes for the LSE. It is too simplistic to argue that current heated debates about politics, especially in the context of Brexit and Trump, are due to the fact that our emotions about politics matter more now than before. Laura Jenkins argues that our feelings about politics have always mattered. In fact, these recent unexpected political outcomes could prove to be an example of what happens when people's feelings about politics are neglected for too long.

Bushra Rehman has been awarded one of two dissertation prizes by the UK Development Studies Association

We're delighted to announce that an IDD graduate from 2017 has been awarded one of two dissertation prizes by the UK Development Studies Association. Bushra Rehman undertook the MSc International Development (Conflict, Security and Development) and produced a dissertation on 'The intersection of gender and disability in exacerbating poverty in displacement settings: Jordan as a case study'.

Podcast: Is Democracy in Decline?

In this seminar, leading scholars from POLIS, IDD and INLOGOV asked whether democracy can withstand the challenges it faces from disengagement, illiberal populism, and the growing influence of autocratic states.

Remember the Cold War? Putin has brought it back

Professor Stefan Wolff co-authors an article for the Washington Post on the re-emergence of Russia as a destabilizing international force. As Russia headed to the polls Sunday to reelect President Vladimir Putin, there was one policy that they were implicitly reviewing. Many remember Russia's Cold War strategy of invading, destabilizing and intervening in other countries' governance. Putin has apparently once again made this his policy.

Claims about Cambridge Analytica's role in Africa should be taken with a pinch of salt

Professor Nic Cheeseman writes for The Conversation: Claims about Cambridge Analytica's role in elections in Nigeria and Kenya have been overstated. In the last few days, Cambridge Analytica, which claims to use data to change behaviour including that of voters, has been accused of breaching Facebook rules in its efforts to collect personal data.

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