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Keep up to date with the latest news and events from around the school and the wide-ranging projects our staff and students get involved with. 

EU and LGBT Politics Talk at POLSIS Departmental Seminar

The European Studies Research Group and the LGBTQ+ Network of the School of Government and Society hosted a talk on EU and LGBT Politics in the Western Balkans, by Dr Koen Slootmaeckers (City University).

A guide to watching US Election Night

This may be the most important mid-term US election in American history, determining not only majorities in each house of Congress but also the fate of America amid the division and animosity of the Trump era.

African Agency in International Politics

Dr Jonathan Fisher on 'African Agency in International Politics'. Published as part of the Oxford Encyclopedia of African Politics, edited by Nic Cheeseman.

New books from IDD Staff

New books in IDD

Laurence Cooley, Niheer Dasandi and Raquel Da Silva have recently published books on their research in international development. Topics include the European Union, democracy and political violence.

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