New Special Issue: The Political Psychology of European Integration: Brexit and Beyond

Dr Tereza Capelos, Senior Lecturer and ICCS Deputy Director, has co-edited a Special Issue of the journal Political Psychology (with Julie Hassing Nielsen), focused on The Political Psychology of European Integration: Brexit and Beyond.

The publication offers a timely intervention on how research in political psychology can help explain the dynamics of European integration. The Special Issue includes a diverse range of articles on important topics related to the EU, such as: the immigration crisis, the rise of populism, Brexit, as well as European attitudes and identities. Building on a historical emphasis on institutions, the editors advocate a greater focus on individuals, where approaches in political psychology can offer new insights into complex political realities.

This Special Issue addresses the current and pressing need for new perspectives on European integration. Taking as its premise that the majority of the major challenges to European integration takes place at the individual or social level, it is through this lens that the journal contributors seek to illuminate discussions. The collected papers respond to what many see as a turning point in the European project, with Great Britain preparing for its exit from the EU in March 2019,  the continuing legacy of the 2008 Financial Crisis on economic prosperity, and immigration challenges affecting border policies across the continent. Such issues raise questions about the popular legitimacy and longevity of the European project, to which there are no simple solutions.

This collection is a valuable addition to the debate around European public policy, offering scholars and practitioners a significant resource for their own future research.


The Political Psychology of European Integration: Brexit and Beyond

Special Issue of Political Psychology edited by Tereza Capelos and Julie Hassing Nielsen
December 2018, Vol. 39, Issue. 6.

Contact: Dr Tereza Capelos

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