Joseph Bell

Special Economic Zones and State-Capital Relations: The Importance of Politics in the Genesis and Evolution of Economic Policy

Supervisors: Professor Paul Jackson and Dr Niheer Dasandi

Joe is an ESRC funded PhD student whose research seeks to provide a political analysis of Special Economic Zones, a popular, if somewhat controversial, economic policy used across the globe.  The research involves a comparative case study that utilizes interviews with a variety of stakeholders, including policy makers, business representatives and analysts to view how state-capital relations have influenced the evolution of SEZ programmes, their likely future trajectory and what this means for the ability of the state to govern or direct development.


  • BSc in Economics (2010-2013, University of Birmingham)
  • MSc in International Development (2013-2014, University of Birmingham)
  • MA in Social Research (2015-2016, University of Birmingham)

Research interests

  • Economic development
  • The role of the state in development
  • State-capital relations
  • Global production networks

Contact details: