Rehnuma Ferdous

Rehnuma FerdousPatron-Client relations in Fisheries Co-management: Their influence on practices and outcomes

Supervisors: Professor Fiona Nunan and Dr Emma Foster

Rehnuma Ferdous is a doctoral researcher in International Development Department. Her research is focused on how strongly embedded social and power relations within fishing communities interact with bureaucratic rules and affect the functioning and performance of fisheries co-management. Rehnuma utilizes Gaventa’s power-cube and involves an institutional analysis to understand different forms of power (visible, hidden, and invisible) relations within fisheries co-management, how different forms of power manifested within institutions and interactions between institutions influence the functioning and performance of co-management. A multiple case study research design and qualitative approach for data collection and analysis is adopted to conduct this research.


Rehnuma completed her BSS and MSS in Economics at Islamic University, Bangladesh before undertaking an MSc in Development Evaluation and Management at the University of Antwerp. She received VLIR-UOS Scholarship for pursuing MSc at University of Antwerp, Belgium. The focus of her MSc thesis was on assessing community-based wetland resource management in the livelihood improvement and environmental sustainability. Prior to enrolling current PhD research, she worked 10 years as a permanent faculty in Economics at Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, a government owned University in Bangladesh. During 2015 to 2018 she involved in two research projects in the area of livelihoods security and sustainability of the wetland community. She is currently on academic study leave to pursue her PhD. 

Research Interests 

  • Natural resource governance
  • Fisheries co-management
  • Institutions


  • MSc in Development Evaluation and Management,  University of Antwerp
  • MSS in Economics, Islamic University
  • BSS in Economics, Islamic University