Jingwen Jiang

The Dual Logic of Chinese TransnationalismJingwen Jiang

This thesis concerns the global human resources strategy followed by multi-national corporations and how that strategy reflects the government policy of their country of origin. It therefore seeks to link the disciplines of human resources, international business and public policy. China’s move away  from liberal capitalism towards coordinated capitalism may be expected to have an influence on Chinese multi-national companies, and specifically on their HR strategy. Thus, my research is going to identify the changed of  Chinese companies in their HRM under different political context.


Jingwen's master’s degree was graduated from University of Birmingham, and bachelor’s degree was graduated from Coventry University. Jingwen had worked in Deloitte Beijing as consulting intern for three months and worked for Shandong Sun Paper Industry for 6 months as marketing intern. Right now, Jingwen is working for Frist Plus Education as personal tutor. Jingwen can speak fluent Mandarina and English, only can speak basic German. Jingwen has strong perception and intellect with widen and critical thinking and able to be quickly adapted to different environment.

Research Interests 

  • Humane resources
  • Public policy
  • International business



IG: jingwen_jasmine