Ouborr Kutando

picture of Ouborr KutandoThe Economics of Politics in Ghana: The cost and impact of vote buying on outcomes of parliamentary primaries

Supervisors: Professor Nic Cheeseman & Dr Kate Skinner

I am undertaking a study on the political economy of elections in Ghana.

I will be looking into vote buying which has emerged as a dominant feature during elections across the world, but quite dominant in developing democracies in especially Africa.

The aim is to investigate the economic cost of vote buying and holding all other significant variables constant, test whether parliamentary primaries in Ghana are won by candidates who spend more on buying votes.


Ouborr Kutando is a strategic, multidisciplinary and a result driven professional with a diverse background in research, public policy, political economy and Strategy.

He presently works as a Director of Special Projects at the Office of the President in Ghana. His career spans both the public and private sectors in the United States and Ghana.

Mr. Kutando holds a Master of Public Policy degree with a specialty in Political and Economic Development from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, a PG (DIP) in Strategy and Innovation from the Said Business School in the University of Oxford, and a B.A in Political Science from the University of Ghana.


MPP: Harvard Kennedy School, PG(DIP): Said Business School, University of Oxford, B.A:University of Ghana,

Research Interests 

  • Elections
  • Political Economy
  • Youth Employment