Adnan Saif

Service delivery, hybridity and boundary spanning after civil conflict in Tunisia

Supervisors: Professor Paul Jackson and Dr Nicholas Lemay-Hebert

Adnan Saif is undertaking part-time doctoral research into service delivery, hybridity and boundary spanning in post civil conflict Tunisia. He is focusing on the role played by boundary spanners in hybrid governance to provide effective public services and help rebuild state effectiveness.


Adnan has more than 20 years experience in public management at senior level in British local and regional government and more than 5 years of training and consultancy in the Middle East and North Africa. His current research project is driven by his experience in both environments.

Other activities

Adnan continues his consultancy work to support improvements in leadership and service delivery in local government and non-governmental organizations. He is also active in the voluntary sector and is currently member and secretary of the Board of Trustees of one of the largest British aid and development charities, Islamic Relief Worldwide.