Minkyu Jin

A Study on the Impact of the Korean Public Institution Management Evaluation System on the Accountability of Korean Public Institutions

Minkyu JinMinkyu Jin is undertaking doctoral research into management evaluation (performance measurement) systems in the public sector and their relationship to public accountability. His research, based on a case of Korean Public Institution Management Evaluation System, will contribute to examining the impact of management evaluation systems on the accountability of public institutions. This research adopts a mixed method of incorporating quantitative and qualitative methods in order to provide a comprehensive analysis on the impact of the system on the accountability of Korean public institutions.

Supervisors: Dr Peter Watt and Dr Louise Reardon


Minkyu Jin is currently on study leave from his work as a government official in the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Republic of Korea. Before undertaking the doctoral research, he was working in the budget office. His work experience includes organising the budget of ministries and public institutions and formulating fiscal policy. When he was organising the budget of public institutions, he became interested in the Korean Public Institution Management Evaluation System, which forms the basis of his PhD research.


BA in Economics (2004) Seoul National University

Research Interests

  • Public accountability
  • Management evaluation (Performance measurement) system in public sector
  • Public finance
  • Public service reform
  • Principal-agent theory
  • Mixed methods research   


Contact Details:

Email: MXJ926@student.bham.ac.uk