Onur Acaroglu

Rethinking Marxist Approaches to Transition: A Theory of Temporal Dislocation

Start date: September 2015
Will Leggett and Justin Cruickshank

I write about the historical epistemology of Marxist conceptions of transition to socialism, with a special focus on the question of time as a political and socially differentiated concept. In this theoretically-driven project, I utilise the conceptual repository of Althusser and Balibar to sketch out a conception of historical time as a multiplicity of dislocated trajectories. The perspective of ‘out-of-joint’ temporalities is used as a lens to evaluate some of the outstanding debates and paradigms regarding transition within 20th century and contemporary left-wing theory. 


  • BA University of Toronto – Sociology; History
  • MA University of Sussex – Social and Political Thought

Research interests

  • Historical materialism
  • Temporality
  • Hegemony
  • Louis Althusser
  • Left parties and political movements

Teaching responsibilities

POLS100: Research Skills and Methods
Teaching Associate
Office Hours: Monday 14.30 - 15.30 (MHT311)

Conference papers

Acaroglu, O. (2016). Paris 1871 and Fatsa 1979: Revisiting the Transition Problematique. International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy 7th Annual Conference in Political Economy. Lisbon. 

Acaroglu, O. (2015). İttihat ve Terakki’nin Düşünsel Gelişimi ve Pasif Devrim Olarak Kemalizm. Munzur Zap 1. Sosyal Bilimler Kongresi. Dersim.

Acaroglu, O. (2015). Redefining Hegemonic Discourse: The Nature of Leadership in the EZLN. Democracy and Participation in Latin America. Brighton.


Acaroglu, O.; Stronge, W. Forthcoming. Antonio Gramsci: The Coherence Between Philosophy and Politics; in The Bloomsbury Italian Philosophy Reader, ed. M. Lewis, Bloomsbury, London.

Acaroglu, O. (2019). The Transition from Capitalism: Marxist Perspectives, Saeed Rahnema (ed.). Reviewed in: Marx and Philosophy Review of Books.

Acaroglu, O. (2018). Paris 1871 and Fatsa 1979: Revisiting the Transition Problem, Globalizations, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 404-423.

Acaroglu, O. (2016). Crowds and Party, by Jodi Dean. Reviewed in: Radical Philosophy, 199: 64.

Acaroglu, O. (2016). "Anti-Capitalism Within and Beyond Capitalism: The Gramscian Bridge between Anti-Power and Statocentric Theories of Left Political Contestation." New Birmingham Review 2(2): 1-36.


Contact details:

Email: ioa597@bham.ac.uk