Emanuel Bourges

picture of emanuel bourgesSupervisors: Professor Peter Burnham and Dr Peter Kerr

Emanuel Bourges is undertaking doctoral research into the impact of industrial relations in political stability and governability in historical perspective, the degree to which economic necessities translates into political necessities. Based on archival research and documentary analysis, Mr. Bourges analyses the responses from the state and the trade unions towards the National Unemployed Workers’ Movement in interwar Britain. 

Research interests

  • Political Analysis
  • Political Economy
  • Political History Economic History
  • Political Theory


Emanuel Bourges holds a BA in History and a Master's in Government and Public Affairs from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). In previous studies, he has researched on the Mexican press' perception of the Spanish Transition to Democracy (Bachelor's Degree) and on the statecraft strategies to guarantee political stability and governability in post-Franco Spain (Masters' Degree).


Contact details:

Email: enb622@bham.ac.uk