Shardia Briscoe-Palmer

(De) Construction of Masculinity and the Discrimination of the 'Other': An analysis into the masculinitie(s) performed by black men in the Caribbean

Supervisors: Emma Foster and Nicola Smith


Shardia Briscoe-Palmer is in her final year of her doctoral research into the reconstructions of masculinities over time and space, with a specific focus on black masculinities in the Caribbean. She is using qualitative methodologies to capture a shared performance amongst black men and is structuring her work around postcolonial theoretical frameworks as well as intersectional approaches to her analysis.  


  • PhD Political Science and International Studies (University Of Birmingham) -
  • MSc International Political Economy for Development (University of Birmingham)
  • BSc Politics and International Relations (Aston University)
  • Diploma in Management and Leadership (Institute of Leadership and Management) 

Research interests

Gender and Sexuality: masculinity, Women of Colour, cultural identities and behaviours.

Diversity and Inclusion Research: gender, race and disability – inclusivity in higher education, intersectionality and anti-discriminatory.

Children and Young People: social and economic disadvantage and opportunities, racialized academic attainment and community cohesion.

Other activities

Shardia is active in youth engagement and empowerment and is the co-founder of a youth-led human rights organization Gender Empowerment Movement. She has worked as a doctoral tutor for the Brilliant Club for the past 4 years delivering university style seminars to young people in compulsory education. 


  • Briscoe-Palmer, S and Mattocks, K (2019) Equals or others? International Early Career Academics in the United Kingdom. Political Science Review (in progress)
  • Briscoe-Palmer, S and Morris, A (2018) Silent Screams: a queer and postcolonial feminist exploration into emotional labour undertaken by Early Career Researchers at UK universities. Gender, Work and Organisation (under review)
  • Mattocks, K and Briscoe-Palmer, S (2016) Diversity, Inclusion and Doctoral Study: Challenges Facing Minority PhD Students in the United Kingdom, European Political Science (December 2016) 15 (4):476–492

Contact details:

Twitter: @ShardiaBPalmer