Chris Featherstone

Comparative Crisis Decision-making: Foreign Policy Analysis and the US and UK decisions on Iraq (2003) and Syria (2011-2014)

Supervisors: Dr Asaf Siniver, and Dr Jamie Gaskarth

Chris Featherstone’s PhD will use Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) models to explain the decision-making processes which led to the US and UK invasion of Iraq in 2003 and their Non-Intervention in Syria between 2011 and 2014. The FPA models which will be used here will be Groupthink, Leadership characteristics model, and Analogical Reasoning model.


  • BA Politics (SHU), MSc Global Cooperation and Security (UoB)


Chris moved from studying his Undergrad in Sheffield, to studying a Masters here at the University of Birmingham, staying to conduct PhD research.   He currently convenes the Doctoral Colloquium - 2017-2018.

Research interests

International Relations Theory, Foreign Policy Analysis, Process Tracing, Government Decision-making

Other activities

Chris teaches within the POLSIS department, and is a keen cyclist.  


Contact details:

Tel: +44 (0)7506435153