Bruno Theodoro Luciano

Representation and Integration: The Logic of Regional Parliaments around the World

Supervisor: Dr Marco Vieira and Dr Isabelle Hertner

Bruno Theodoro Luciano is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Birmingham. His Doctoral Research analyses the parliamentarisation of regional integration, through case studies in Europe, Latin America and Africa


Bruno was previously Konrad Adenauer Fellow in European Studies at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Research Assistant at the Institute for Applied Economic Research - Ipea (Brasília, Brazil). Bruno holds a BA and MA in International Relations from the University of Brasilia, Brazil. His research is focused on Regionalism and Regional Integration, specifically in topics such as the European Union, South American and MERCOSUR.


BA and MA in International Relations (University of Brasilia, Brazil)

Research interests

  • Regional Integration
  • Regional Parliaments
  • European Integration
  • Latin American Regionalism
  • Brazilian Foreign Policy towards South America
  • ASEAN and African Regionalism


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