Alexander Samuel Popowich

popowich-samuelA Critique of Intellectual Freedom

Supervisors: Dr David Bailey

Sam Popowich is researching the political theory of Intellectual Freedom in librarianship, looking at its connections with particular expressions of liberalism, and analyzing its relationship with concrete political history.


  • BA (Manitoba)
  • MLIS (Dalhousie)
  • MA (Carleton)


  • Popowich, S. (2021). “Compound brain or general intellect? Paolo Virno’s transindividuality”, New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry 11(3).
  • Popowich, S. (2021). ‘Canadian librarianship and the politics of recognition’, Partnership, 16(1), pp. 1-23.
  • Popowich, S. (2021). ‘Wittgenstein and intellectual freedom’, Journal of Radical Librarianship, 7.
  • Popowich, S. (2019). Confronting the democratic discourse of librarianship. Sacramento: Library Juice Press.
  • “Libraries, Labour, Capital: On Formal and Real Subsumption”, Journal of Radical Librarianship 4 (2018).
  • "Ruthless Criticism of All that Exists": Marxism, Technology, and Library Work”, in Karen P. Nicholson and Maura Seale (eds.) The Politics of Theory and the Practice of Critical Librarianship (Sacramento: Library Juice Press, 2018). 

Conference papers

  • The Onus of Explationation (Future Information Professionals keynote, 2021)
  • What Do We Mean by ‘Structural’ Oppression? (CAPAL 2021)


Born in Winnipeg, Popowich became a librarian in 2007, working at the University of Manitoba, University of Ottawa, and University of Alberta libraries. He is interested in the intersection of Marxism, technology, and library work.

Research interests

  • Marxism
  • Political Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Library and Information Studies
  • Politics of Technology

Professional memberships

  • Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians
  • Canadian Political Science Association

Other activities

Sam Popowich is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians, and is the Chair of the Programme Committee for the 2019 Annual Conference.


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