Henry Price

Antifeminism in Neoliberalism: The Case of Incels

Supervisors: Shelley Budgeon and Will Leggett

In recent years numerous studies have investigated the symbiotic relationship between feminism and neoliberalism. Scholars have argued both that the former has incorporated individualist principles of the latter to create a ‘postfeminist sensibility’ (Gill, 2007), and that neoliberal regimes have successfully aligned with broad feminist ideas of gender diversity (Prügl, 2017). In contrast, there is little available research on the equally entangled relationship between neoliberalism and antifeminism. This project therefore asks: what is antifeminism’s relationship to neoliberalism? How is it constructed, negotiated and reproduced, and in what ways – if any – has antifeminism absorbed or reacted against its ideological environment? I use the Incel (‘Involuntary Celibate’) community, one part of a wider antifeminist network, as a case study to examine this phenomenon.

Research interests

  • Political sociology
  • Contemporary feminist activism
  • Depoliticisation
  • Neoreaction


  • BA in American and Canadian Studies (University of Birmingham)

  • MA in International Political Economy (with Distinction) (University of Warwick)

Other activities

Henry has taught as a GTA on SOC101 (Social Divisions) and POLS101 (Understanding Politics), and write for a variety of feminist and political science blogs.

Contact details:

Email: hxp847@student.bham.ac.uk