Bradley Ward

‘A Party within a Party?’ An Ethnographic Account of Momentum 

Supervisors: Dr Peter Kerr and Professor Peter Burnham

Through the use of ethnographic methods, Bradley’s research provides an in-depth analysis of the contemporary intersection of Momentum, Corbynism and the Labour Party. It explores the genesis of Momentum as an organization formed through the interaction of extra-parliamentary social movements and the Labour Party. It analyses the dilemmas this has caused Momentum, and uses this to understand Momentum’s evolution through time.      


Bradley completed his Masters at the University of Birmingham in 2016. His research at the time was focused on the early evolution of Corbynism and the constraints he might face as he attempted to consolidate his power within the Labour Party. After that Bradley took some time out to work in various jobs in the NHS before starting his current PhD in September 2017.  


MA Political Science (British Politics and the State)

Other Activities

Bradley was the Government and Society doctoral colloquium co-convener for 2019/2019. This involved organizing events, panels and seminars throughout the year and concluded with a very successful Annual Conference in April 2019. He also teaches Political Economy.

Research Interests

  • Political Economy
  • State Theory
  • Party politics
  • Labour Party management
  • British Politics
  • Social Movements and Political Parties 


Kerr, P and Ward, B (forthcoming) Corbynism: A Coherent Ideology?. In Crines, A (ed) Corbtynism in Perspective: the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn. Newcastle: Agenda

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