Ahmed Moghazy Ibrahim (2009-10)

Ahmed Moghazy IbrahimI joined IDD in 2009 for a MSc in Governance & Development Management. Simply, I would describe the time that I spent there as the unforgettable best time ever I had. My eyes were opened to new things, I met amazing people from all over the world and I was well-equipped to the market. I got a job only one month after my graduation ceremony.

while I was studying at the IDD I started doing some voluntary work with a Birmingham-based international humanitarian organisation - Islamic Relief Worldwide - with which I started a full time job in January 2011, one month after my graduation ceremony. Being a graduate from IDD helped me a lot in securing this job due to the fact that IDD graduates are highly appreciated from such humanitarian organisations. I met many IDDs there. Although I did not have previous experience working with such international organisations, studying at IDD equipped me with needed tools and knowledge that helped me to start a new career smoothly. 

I spent more than 3 years with Islamic Relief Worldwide, and currently I am in the process of setting up my own consulting company. 

IDD academics and admin were - and still are - very supportive and friendly. I am still in direct contact with my programme supervisor - Mr. Andrew Nickson - who always advises and guides me in many personal and professional matters.